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Auditions 2023

New York
December 3, 2022
Deadline: Nov. 28

December, TBD

Orem, UT
January 7 2023
Deadline: Jan. 4

January 4, 2023

Claire queen UVAA 2019.jpg

Die Zauberflöte, 2019

***Audition Update 3/25/23: 

Most roles are filled at this time.  However, we have a few remaining openings and will continue to accept applications until all spots in the program are filled. Thank you!

UVAA uses Yaptracker for our applications. You do not need to be a paying subscriber to Yaptracker to use the application form, though you will need an account (guest accounts are available; see the website for details).  Registration can be completed at

Application requirements: Applicants should prepare (2) contrasting opera arias for online video submission. Please make sure that the audio and video are of a good quality. Video should be close enough to see facial expressions if possible. Studio recorded (mixed and sound engineered) videos are not acceptable. We are looking for live, unmixed singing. 

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